Personal Training


Getting you, our members the fastest results possible in a safe, structured and predictable manner is what we do.

People still have the notion that a coach / trainer is simply a rep counter or " workout buddy ".

I would right now like to clarify, we're not like the big box gyms with "rent a friend" trainers!


What you can expect?

  • measurement and tracking of the key metrics; strength, work capacity, weight, measurements, bodyfat - if applicable to you ( sleep, stress etc)
  • extracting the absolute most out of you in a safe way at each and every workout
  • providing accountability and coaching on the challenges most applicable to you
  • goal setting and clarity on what is agreed
  • the fastest route from where you are to where you want to be, based on experience and evidence based approaches


If you want to enquire about our next 8 week male or female transformations, or enquire about working with one of our coaches, get in touch and i'll arrange for you a free discovery & taster session.