The war on fat loss is one that can be simple, complicated but it must be consistent over a period of time. Lets look at 3 methods that have science behind them and in the trenches experience as well !!   lets look at them, You must be in a calorie deficit ! – Boring,
OK i know most body transformations are simply train like a crazy person and live on very little calories,,, and Yes you may lose weight, but Do you have a leaner, stronger better shaped body ? This is the exact thing you will achieve on our 8 Week body Transformation ( if you do the
Our famous 8 week body transformation has gone live for sign up !! This is open for members and non members who want to; reshape reduce bodyfat improve muscle tone and definition get stronger get body confident for the summer / holiday season What is included ? starting weigh & measure individual calories  & macro
What cardio machine is best for Fat Loss ? Holy moly im opening a can of worms with this one, but ill try my best to keep this one a clean one with no swearing !! > Cardio machines in their most fundamental capacity are a means of burning energy ( calories ). As we
Arm training can be confusing, you heard they are only small muscle groups so only near training once in a blue moon, you also heard they should hit frequently for best results ??…….. What do we know ? With arm training the following have been proven to work over time and been tried and

Low Fat Diets , Good or bad ?

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Low fat diets!!!   We hear about them all the time, Most diet groups will focus their diets and eating strategies on low fat meals while carbs and protein become a focus point. Now there isn’t anything wrong with this, and it can be effective for a lot of people. Maybe some of your read
So why should women lift weights? Here below are the benefits of weight training for women not just in terms of training, but for your health and wellbeing and will help you to become a more positive person physically and mentally! 1. EFFECTIVE FAT LOSS: Think weightlifting only benefits those who want shirt-ripping arms? Think
ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR, PANIC STATIONS, HOLIDAY IS IMMINENT !! Need to get ready for the bikini, fellas start training legs suddenly and want abs !! Well i have seen and heard all the ” hacks ” and “tips” for the summer shred and heres some of the big mistakes we see year after
Ok you set off to make 2017 the best year ever, get in the best shape ever join the gym and go X times a week finally shift that weight and keep it off start the business read books you have been putting off enrol on that course you said you would and it goes
This is the amazing story of our of our members “family” at our Birstall gym, Leeds. His name is kenny and his amazing story needs to be heard, consistent hard work and dedication after making the decision to make some changes.. > > My journey started with me weighing in at 25st 8lbs at the